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Career Launcher Package (60-Credit Hours)

Virginia Real Estate Salesperson OnlineCareer Launcher Package (60-Credit Hours)

Price: $548.00

Credit Hours: 60

Key Points:

Get all the support you need to successfully become a real estate agent in Virginia with this all-inclusive package.

This comprehensive licensing package is designed to give you the most effective licensing education and exam practice possible. Not only will this package prepare you to successfully pass your licensing exam, it will lay the foundation for a career in real estate.

This is our most highly recommended package. You will receive the Virginia 60-Hour Real Estate Principles instructionally designed online course. You will also receive access to the industry’s most effective exam prep courses, National PSI Salesperson Exam Prep and Virginia Real Estate Exam Prep, where you can prepare for exam-day success with OnDemand video lectures and practice exams.

When you enroll in this package, you'll receive access to our Interactive Study Group. The Interactive Study Group covers the national licensing content in live webinars designed to make distance learners part of the class through full access to our real estate industry experts.

You will then be ready to start building your real estate business. Real Estate Accelerator is an 8-hour intensive course that will give you the real-world skills, tools, and detailed activities you need to thrive in the real estate business. In addition, you will receive eight weeks of professional coaching to ensure you successfully launch your career! Real Estate Accelerator is offered in our live online format.

This is the most comprehensive online study solution available anywhere!


Virginia 60-Hour Real Estate Principles (Online Course)—In this course you will learn the principles of real property law, ownership, and brokerage. You will also learn about the rights and interests you receive in real property, how they are properly recorded, and how the government can and does withhold certain rights. From financing, appraisal, and property management to federal fair housing laws, settlement math, and closing the transaction, you will cover it all.

National PSI Salesperson Exam Prep (OnDemand Course)—This course starts with a diagnostic practice exam that allows you to discover your strengths and weaknesses. The OnDemand video lecture format allows you to effectively and efficiently study only what you need and is designed to engage you and sharpen your understanding of salient test points. Upon successfully completing your final diagnostic practice exam, you will be confidently prepared for success on test day.

Virginia Real Estate Exam Prep (OnDemand Course)—It features topics on agency and disclosure, Virginia fair housing law and regulations, licensing, disclosure requirements, and more. All questions are designed to mirror the state licensing exam, and are written and reviewed by real estate professionals. This course will help you prepare for and score higher on the Virginia state-specific portion of the real estate licensing examination. Detailed information, practice questions, and in-depth rationales make this a must-have resource.

Interactive Study Group (Live Webinars)—These study groups covers the national licensing content in live webinars. The webinars are designed to make distance learners part of the class through full access to our real estate industry experts. Join our expert faculty and other students for a lively discussion of topics, and prepare any questions you may have and bring them to the study groups. The study groups will keep you on track to finish your education, reinforce key concepts covered in your courses, provide you the opportunity to learn from our faculty, and allow you to interact with your fellow students.

Real Estate Accelerator (Live Online Course)—This 8-hour intensive course and eight weeks of professional coaching will help you launch your real estate career. The program is designed to arm you with business building skills and critical operating activities utilized by the nation's most successful real estate agents. You will leave this program ready to implement your own personal business, marketing, and income plans immediately. Prepare to launch your career in real estate!