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Promulgated Contract Forms (30-Credit Hours)

Promulgated Contract Forms Live Online Package

Price: $174.00

Credit Hours: 30

Key Points:

Understand and successfully complete promulgated forms to avoid costly mistakes!

Texas Promulgated Forms provides a clear, practical approach to purchase agreements and an in-depth analysis of Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) forms for new licensees and seasoned practitioners. Case studies provide you with hours of practice using TREC promulgated forms. Interactive exercises, case studies, and video clips are included to highlight important topics.

Exam proctoring now included! Once you have completed all your coursework, you may schedule your final exam with our qualified virtual proctors.

Key Benefits:

  • It fulfills the requirements for TREC’s 30-hour Promulgated Forms core course
  • The units are broken up into topics, each of which are followed by T/F questions and, in some cases, interactive exercises. This presentation of the material makes reading assignments shorter and easier to comprehend
  • Video clips are included as review or to present information in a different way to highlight important concepts
  • Sample transactions provide you an opportunity to practice using the forms. Answers to all of these activities are also provided
  • Exam proctoring included
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