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Real Estate Math OnDemand Course

Real Estate Math OnDemand Course

Price: $29.00

Key Points:

Does real estate math make you anxious and uneasy or do you need a refresher?

This course is delivered in our stunning on-demand video lecture format. With our on-demand video lectures, you have the ability to access professional instruction anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection! This on-demand course engages, enlightens, and entertains!

You will review  the calculations to determine a commission under different circumstances.  Additionally, you will understand how to determine the seller’s net from sale and price based on a specified seller’s net. You’ll review the calculations necessary to establish the amount a property has appreciated or depreciated. Building on this calculation, you will then review how to ascertain the rate of return on a property and verify formulas necessary for property managers.

Loan calculations will be reviewed and you’ll develop greater understanding of loan-to-value ratio and equity, discount points and origination fees, amortization and qualifying a buyer, area calculations, legal descriptions, and much more.

This course offers valuable information for novices as well as seasoned agents.  Enroll today!

Topics Include:

  • Commission and Net to Seller
  • Value and Rate of Return, Depreciation, and Closing Math
  • Loan, Measurement, and Property Tax Math