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Ohio 30-Hour Complete CE Package - OnDemand

Ohio 30-Hour Complete CE Package - OnDemand

Price: $249.00

Credit Hours: 30

Key Points:

Satisfy all of your CE requirements in one convenient package

To keep your license active, the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing requires licensees to complete 30 hours of CE every three years prior to the expiration date on your license.  This package consists of 9 hours of text-based online mandatory core courses and 21 hours of our best-selling OnDemand video elective CE courses. Complete all the requirements for your 3-year renewal period for one low price with this all-inclusive package.

Includes the following mandatory courses via text-based online delivery:

Ohio Canons and Codes—Your Professional Guidelines (3 Credit Hours, Text-Based Online)—This three-hour interactive online course provides a flexible solution for professionals to meet the Ohio requirements on codes of conduct and ethics expected of real estate professionals within the state. This is an excellent introduction to real estate professional ethics in Ohio. This course provides a flexible solution for professionals to meet the Ohio requirements on codes of conduct and ethics expected of real estate professionals within the state.

Ohio Core Law: Disclosure, Inspection & Environmental Concerns in Real Estate (3 Credit Hours, Text-Based Online)—This course discusses Ohio real estate license law as it applies to disclosure and inspection requirements and environmental and other risks for practicing professionals.

Fair Housing in Ohio (3 Credit Hours, Text-Based Online)—This course provides an in-depth analysis of discriminatory housing practices, and will help you provide the consistency, objectivity, and documentation of service that the law requires. HUD Regulations and Advertising Guidelines are also discussed.

Includes the following elective courses via OnDemand Video delivery:

These courses are delivered in our stunning OnDemand video lecture format. With Kaplan’s OnDemand video lectures, you have the ability to access professional instruction anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection! Filled with studio and “onsite” video learning objectives, these OnDemand courses engage, enlighten, and entertain!
Introduction to Real Estate Investments (6 Credit Hours, OnDemand Video)—Investors are discovering that tax, cash flow, principal reduction and appreciation benefits of single-and multi-family properties outweigh other investment opportunities, including the wildly vacillating stock market. This course can open the door for you to the lucrative investment real estate market. If you are unfamiliar with selling residential real estate as an investment, you’ll get a step-by-step understanding of the fundamentals you’ll need to get started.

Houses: Why Bad Things Happen to Good Houses (6 Credit Hours, OnDemand Video)—Kaplan will take you on a building physics adventure explaining in easy to understand terms how houses work and more importantly why perfectly good houses sometimes go bad.  You will learn the critical role new construction materials play in reduced building tolerances and why that creates huge problems. Find out, for example, what types of insulation materials are effective and what are not.  Older homes will be explored as well. You’ll learn the many advantages and pitfalls of replacement windows and new energy efficient siding products along with air quality and cleansing technologies. Helpful tips will enable you to communicate more intelligently and effectively with increasingly sophisticated homeowners

Identity Theft: Protecting Your Clients and Your Business (3 Credit Hours, OnDemand Video)—From a criminal’s perspective, it is significantly more cost-effective to steal business identities than individual identities. Learn how not to let your clients or your business fall victim! Learn how business ID theft spells potential disaster for your livelihood and your client’s. Understand how to respond if your clients’ information or yours is compromised. Plus, learn how to spot and address the warning signs.

All Under One Roof (6 Credit Hours, OnDemand Video)—Learn how the changing demographics and economics of recent years have influenced desirability for some types of homes over others. You’ll also see what new types of properties are emerging to meet these multi-generational buyer challenges. This course will help you understand the changes and communicate with these buyers and sellers with specialized needs that few agents know how to adequately respond to. You’ll also gain understanding of fair housing areas that warrant attention. This class embraces the complexity of the client’s situation and helps you create new solutions for today’s most complicated buyers and sellers.