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Property Management and Managing Risk (4-Credit Hours)

NM Property Management and Managing Risk

Price: $34.00

Credit Hours: 4

Key Points:

A high-level view of the fastest-growing segment in real estate today!

Real estate property management is the fastest-growing segment of today’s real estate marketplace as more and more people are displaced from their homes through foreclosure and need to find shelter in a rental. Over a million homes nationally have gone out of home ownership through foreclosure in the last year, and many of those homes are entering the rental market as new owners look to reap a rental payment return on their investment.

In this introductory course, you will receive a comprehensive overview of what major duties and responsibilities are assigned to a Property Manager and the nature of the fiduciary relationship between manager and owner. You will explore the economics of the rental business, from setting rents and estimating vacancies to scheduling daily maintenance and construction projects.

Packed with relevant information, this course covers what it takes to successfully execute rental agreements and how to deal with common tenant issues. You will also learn the biggest risks and liabilities associated with managing rental properties, and the most problematic tenant safety issues that Property Managers and their clients face on a daily basis. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your business – enroll today!

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Professional Property Management
  • The Manager-Owner Relationship
  • Economics and Planning
  • Leases and Tenant Issues
  • Managing Residential Properties
  • Managing Risk and Tenant Safety Issues
  • Environmental Liabilities

This course is a core elective.

This course counts for Property Management requirements.