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Fair Housing (4-Credit Hours)

NM Fair Housing

Price: $34.00

Credit Hours: 4

Key Points:

This course takes a fresh look at the most common pitfalls in today’s marketplace.

Real estate agents continuously must deal with ever-increasing regulations. Although the Federal Fair Housing Act has been in force for over 40 years, the way it is applied to everyday real estate continues to evolve. 

This is your chance to get up to speed on fair housing requirements and be sure you are following the law. No Fair Housing course would be complete without reviewing the Act and Amendments, but this course also applies the law to today’s marketplace, including fair housing issues commonly found in property management and advertising. You will review actual case law and discover practical, down-to-earth examples that give you the know-how and tools to stay in compliance.

From cultural diversity to fair housing enforcement actions, this comprehensive course provides a new look at prohibited conduct and offers some practical applications to help keep you in compliance.

Topics include:

  •  The Fair Housing Act
  •  The 1988 Amendments Act and Beyond
  •  Fair Housing in Property Management
  •  Fair Housing Advertising
  •  Fair Housing Enforcement
  •  Cultural Diversity and Fair Housing
  •  Fair Housing Legal Cases
  •  Links to HUD forms and Documentation

This course is a core elective.