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How do I get my New Jersey Real Estate license?

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To earn your real estate license in New Jersey, you must have a high school diploma or equivilant, complete 75 hours of required education, pass the state licensing exam, complete fingerprinting, and secure employment with a sponsoring broker before applying for your licernse. While the process to become a real estate agent is similar in most states, each state has its unique steps that must be adhered to. The four steps to becoming a New Jersey real estate agent are as follows:

Step 1:  Complete Your Required Education

You must have a high school diploma or equivalent and successfully complete 75 hours of approved real estate education at a school licensed by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission.

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Step 2:  Register and Pass Your State Licensing Exam

The exam is administered by PSI Services LLC. To register, go to http://candidate.psiexams.com/. To further prepare yourself and to be confident you are ready for the exam, enroll in an exam prep course. 

Step 3:  Complete Your Fingerprinting and Obtain a Sponsoring Broker

Before you submit an application to become a licensed real estate Salesperson, you must have your fingerprints taken and be sponsored by a Broker. For information on fingerprinting, please visit: http://www.state.nj.us/dobi/division_rec/licensing/fingerprint06.html

Step 4:  Submit Your Application

Submit your application to the Licensing Services Bureau, Real Estate.