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The Truth About Mold (3-Credit Hours) (CE.6354000-RE)

The Truth About Mold

Price: $29.00

Credit Hours: 3

Key Points:

Black, green, and all over—what now?

Mold is an important topic in the real estate industry today, and you need to understand what it is and what to do when it is found in one of your properties.

This course discusses the impact of mold on the real estate industry, and you will learn important information on topics such as remediation, reducing liability, sampling and test kits, health effects of mold, and the differences between mold and other environmental red flags. Learn more about this widely misunderstood topic with updated information on issues relating to mold, as well as how these issues impact the real estate profession.

Topics include:

  • What is Mold?
  • What Does Mold Look Like, How Does it Reproduce, and When Does it Thrive?
  • Why Has Mold Become a Problem?
  • Adverse Health Effects of Mold
  • Inspection and Remediation
  • Policies, Standards, and Legislation