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72-Hour Missouri Complete Licensing Package with Exam Prep

72-Hour Missouri Complete Licensing Package with Exam Prep

Price: $329.00

Credit Hours: 72

Designed for students who prefer self-paced interactive online content, this course allows you to follow your path to success in a convenient online format.

This package provides you with ongoing knowledge that will assist in your success as a real estate professional. Through our curriculum and excellent instruction (weekly interactive study sessions) we offer a climate of educational excellence for the person just starting a career in real estate or wanting increased knowledge about real estate. By the end of this program you will not only know the basic principles of real estate, but will also have learned real world strategies and this will lay the foundation for a career in real estate. Our courses help professionals prepare for and meet the challenges presented by the ever-changing face of the real estate industry.

Package includes: 

48-Hour Missouri Salesperson Pre-Examination Course—Satisfy Missouri’s 48-hour pre-exam real estate education requirement for a salesperson license. Be armed with complete understanding of Missouri real estate practices with this brand-new, pre-examination course. Built with the latest principles of instructional design, this course breaks down required topics into focused lessons, interspersed with quizzes, interactive activities, and video files to help you master the material. From universal concepts to Missouri-specific topics, no other course offers this level of instruction.

IMPORTANT: You must complete the 48-Hour Missouri Salesperson Pre-Examination Course before taking the 24-Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course. If you complete these courses out of order, your initial license application will NOT be accepted by the state of Missouri.

24-hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course—Complete your education with the second of the required Missouri licensing courses. This 24-hour interactive course takes a closer look at buyer and seller representation, agency disclosure, pricing properties and more. This course includes some review of the 48-hour Missouri Salesperson Pre-Examination Course to prepare you for the licensing exam, while teaching key concepts through a series of video lectures and review exercises.


Also recieve access to: 

National Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank—What do you get when you put over 70 years of licensing and exam preparation experience behind one comprehensive test engine? You get the power to pass the National exam! You’ll be as prepared as possible when you test yourself with hundreds of questions on the industry’s most advanced interactive testing platform ever created. Our QBank gives you the power to simulate nearly every test environment imaginable: from licensing exams as outlined in the to customizing quizzes according to topics and subtopics, you can create exactly the test you need to improve your score.

Missouri Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank—When it comes to preparing for and passing the state portion of the Missouri Real Estate License Exam, practice makes perfect. Put the most comprehensive QBank test engine to work for you. Our QBank allows you to test yourself with questions on the industry’s most advanced interactive testing platform. You can simulate nearly every test environment to help improve your exam score. And because the QBank is online, you can access it anytime, anywhere it is convenient for you! When it comes to passing your Missouri Real Estate Exam, you can never be too prepared!

LIVE! National Interactive Study Group*—The Interactive Study Group covers the national licensing content in live webinars. Join our expert faculty and other students for a lively discussion of topics. Prepare any questions you may have and bring them to the online study groups; the goal is to keep you on track to finish your education, reinforce key concepts covered in your courses, and provide the opportunity for you to interact with our faculty and learn from other students.

Career Mentor Live Online Connect* — Join our weekly live webinars to prepare you with career focused tips, tools, and processes taking your education to a higher level so you are prepared for your role in the real estate profession.

*IMPORTANT: Kaplan uses Zoom for live online classes. You must have Zoom downloaded and installed on your computer/laptop, and you must have a Zoom account.