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Identity Theft: Protecting Your Clients and Your Business (4-Credit Hours)

Price: $24.00

Credit Hours: 4

Key Points:

The odds of experiencing business identity theft are ever-increasing. The risks your business faces are bigger yet.

From a criminal’s perspective, it is significantly more cost-effective to steal business identities than individual identities. Learn how not to let your clients or your business fall victim! One step beyond “A Day in the Life of An Identify Thief,” learn how business ID theft spells potential disaster for your livelihood and your clients’. Learn how to respond if your clients’ information or yours is compromised. Plus, learn how to spot and address the warning signs.

True stories reveal the methods thieves use and what red flags suggest. Learn how to protect your business from a potential data-breach disaster. There’s never been more opportunity for identity thieves to strike your business. You’ll get the tools and information you need to diminish the havoc of business ID theft.


  • How business information is hijacked
  • Red flags and appropriate actions
  • How easy it is to get and misuse your business information
  • Data breach prevention