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Illinois 12-Hour CE Package

Illinois 12-Hour CE Package

Price: $69.00

Credit Hours: 12

Package Includes Illinois 4–hour mandatory course and two electives:

Illinois 4-Hour Core Continuing Education—This 4-hour course satisfies your Illinois requirement for core curriculum. The course content follows the state-required outline. It is structured by topic for easier retention and greater success on the unit exams. Designed for students who prefer self-paced interactive online content, this course allows you to follow your path to success in a convenient online format.

The TRUMP Tax Cut and Jobs Act and its Effect on Real Estate (OnDemand) — Tax law is generally complex and confusing for everyone, including real estate agents. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TJCA) is no exception. The objective of this course is not to make real estate licensees into TCJA experts…but rather to provide a sufficient amount of information so that you can identify when an expert attorney or tax counsel are essential to protect your clients. Finally, you will gain valuable information on tax credits, exemptions, and deductions included in the TCJA.

Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves: Averting Client Catastrophe (OnDemand) — This course illuminates the issues that create problems in real estate transactions. You will learn to identify what constitutes negligence, and when it is the “F-word”, fraud. You’ll sharpen your understanding of what happens when a client makes a Breach of Contract claim, and how to avoid misleading statements that can have disastrous ramifications for you, your client, and your business. Your expert instructor will lead you through case studies to identify critical issues, determine what happened, how a situation could have been handled appropriately, and how to resolve legally and within the scope of the law. This engaging course will prepare you for real life real estate, in today’s world, and help you avoid risky and costly business