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Georgia 36-Hour Complete CE Package - Online

Georgia 36-Hour Complete CE Package - Online
Online Package

Price: $159.00

Credit Hours: 36

Key Points:

Our best continuing education courses in one cost-saving online text-based package!

Once a licensee has renewed for the first time, the Georgia Real Estate Commission requires all licensees to complete 36 hours of CE during the 4-year renewal period.

This package satisfies the new renewal requirements effective July 1, 2016. It contains the required 3-hour law course and 33 hours of our best-selling elective CE courses.


Georgia 3-Hour Law (3 Credit Hours)—Effective July 1, 2016, 3 of the 36 hours of your continuing education requirement must consist of real estate license law. This course satisfies your 3-hour continuing education requirement. You will review topics pertaining to trust accounts, unfair trade practices, and brokerage relationships.Georgia 

Property Management and Managing Risk (6 Credit Hours)—Real estate property management is the fastest-growing segment of today’s real estate marketplace as more and more people are displaced from their homes through foreclosure and need to find shelter in a rental. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your business!

Buyer Representation in Real Estate (6 Credit Hours)—For your business, understanding the requirements and obligations of buyer representation can mean the difference between floundering and flourishing. In this course you will learn the legal and technical aspects of buyer representation, including such things as due diligence and fiduciary duties. You will explore the exposure you have when representing buyers and how a good risk management plan can help protect you and your clients.

Scams, Scoundrels and Real Estate Stings (6 Credit Hours)—Real Estate-related scams have come a long way and are far-reaching. Learn about the newest schemes, like flopping, and how today’s high- and low-tech scammers prey on the unsuspecting. You’ll learn how scams hurt your reputation and the liability that comes with being associated with a real estate scam.

Understanding Credit and Improving Credit Scores: What You need to Know (3 Credit Hours)Here’s your opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at credit scoring. Learn how to identify good candidates for credit repair. The course examines all the things that are affected by credit score, including the 10 incorrect assumptions people make when trying to improve their standing. You’ll leave knowing how to help clients improve their scores. Hard-hitting and filled with examples, this is an eye-opening and powerful class.

Real Estate and Taxes: What Every Agent Should Know (6 Credit Hours)—Learn how to demystify tax laws to help your clients make smart housing decisions. You’ll obtain a thorough background on basic tax issues, calculations, and formulas in order to gain the knowledge and practice to better assist clients on tax-related questions and issues.

Risk Management (6 Credit Hours)—In this course you will learn the frequent causes of litigation, including misrepresentation claims and unauthorized practice of law. Discover how environmental hazards such as mold and the Lead-Based Paint Reduction Act create unique risk anticipation issues for agents, and how you can successfully navigate them.