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Understanding Credit and Improving Credit Scores: What You Need to Know (3-Credit Hours)

Ohio Real Estate Broker CE Understanding Credit and Improving Credit Scores (3-Credit Hours)

Price: $19.95

Credit Hours: 3

Key Points:

Helping clients improve their credit scores can create a lifelong relationship.

From auto and life insurance to mortgage and loan rates, credit scores are the defining element of a client’s overall financial life. Yet most consumers and real estate agents are unfamiliar with the credit scoring process. What passes as common sense—like paying off collection accounts and staying clear of credit cards—can actually lower a score. As more clients appear with damaged credit, agents need to understand how this process works.

Here’s your opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at credit scoring. Learn how to identify good candidates for credit repair. The course examines all the things that are affected by credit score, including the 10 incorrect assumptions people make when trying to improve their standing. You’ll leave knowing how to help clients improve their scores. Hard-hitting and filled with examples, this is an eye-opening and powerful class.

Topics Include:

  • Bad, Low, and Good Credit Explained
  • Identity Theft Implications
  • 10 Top Mistakes Made by Consumers
  • Ways to Improve a Credit Score
  • Identifying Credit Repair Candidates
  • Why Bad Credit and Low Credit Scores Are More Common