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Buyer Representation in Real Estate (6-Credit Hours)

Buyer Representation in Real Estate Online Course

Price: $29.00

Credit Hours: 6

Key Points:

Lots of sellers never sell, but most buyers are buying… go where the money is!

 Buyer agents are busier than ever with today’s opportunity-rich environment, and understanding the ins and outs of buyer representation may never be more important to your business. With so many homes on the market that never sell, savvy agents are finding that representing buyers is where the money is. 

For your business, understanding the requirements and obligations of buyer representation can mean the difference between floundering and flourishing. In this course you will learn the legal and technical aspects of buyer representation, including such things as due diligence and fiduciary duties. You will explore the exposure you have when representing buyers and how a good risk management plan can help protect you and your clients.

As most professional buyer reps will tell you, gaining informed consent from a buyer can be the hardest skill of all to attain, and we teach how you do just that. With real-world examples and interactive exercises, you are certain to retain this information for implementation directly into your business. From purchase and sale agreement to closing the property, this course will expose you to some of the best practices employed in the industry of buyer representation.

Topics Include:

  • Foundations of Buyer Representation
  • Gaining Informed Consent for Representation
  • Buyer Representation Agreements
  • Buyer Representation in Action
  • Risk Management
  • Industry “Best Practices” for Buyer Representation