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Brokerage Administration 1 Live Online Class (24-Credit Hours)

Colorado Real Estate Brokerage Administration 1 Classroom Course

Price: $199.00

Credit Hours: 24

Key Points:

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If you are ready to upgrade your license to employing broker status this is the course for you

This 24 hour live online course meets all the Colorado Real Estate Commission requirements and is worth 12 hours of continuing education credits.  This course provides all the information needed by an employing broker to run a brokerage firm.

If you took the Colorado state licensing exam prior to January 1, 1997 and had a salesperson license that was upgraded without retaking the license exam you may also need to take and pass the state portion of the license exam to obtain this license upgrade.

Topics Include:

  • Broker Supervision
  • Trust Accounts
  • Business Practices
  • Office Policies
  • Management and Operation of a Brokerage
  • The Function and Role of the Real Estate Commission

IMPORTANT: All students attending a live online class must have their webcams enabled and remain in view of their camera for the entire duration of the class. Kaplan also requires the use of Zoom for live online classes. You must have Zoom downloaded and installed on your computer/laptop, and you must have a Zoom account.

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