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Broker Reactivation Live Online Class (24-Credit Hours)

Colorado Real Estate Broker Reactivation Course

Price: $199.00

Credit Hours: 24

Key Points:

Behind on CE? Have an Inactive or Expired License?

The Colorado Real Estate Commission allows you to complete your CE requirements and renew/reactivate your license through successful completion of the Broker Reactivation course. Complete all of your continuing education requirements for your 3-year renewal with this course. You’ll review Colorado regulations and statutory relationships, brokerage relationship agreements, sales contracts, and issues in real estate contracting.

This course is available to satisfy your complete CE requirement under the following conditions per the Colorado Real Estate Commission if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Active
    • Colorado real estate broker license and have fallen behind in CE requirements; a Broker is currently Active and did not use the Broker Reactivation Course to satisfy the continuing education requirement in the previous licensing cycle.
  • Inactive OR Expired
    • Colorado real estate broker license for up to 36 months; a Broker is Inactive or Expired for up to 36 months prior to activating an Inactive License or Reinstating an Expired License to Active status and unable to comply with the continuing education requirement set forth in subsections A.1 and A.2 of Rule 4.2.

With this package, students receive both required courses to reactivate their license: the Annual Commission Update course and the Broker Reactivation course.

Conveniently gain access to the same great Kaplan Real Estate Education content and instructors in this live online class. Engage with other students and your instructor anywhere you have internet access!*

IMPORTANT: To receive CE credit for attending a live online class, the Colorado Real Estate Commission requires students to have their webcam on and be in view during the duration of the session. Credit will be denied for students not following this rule. Kaplan also requires the use of Zoom for live online classes. You must have Zoom downloaded and installed on your computer/laptop, and you must have a Zoom account.

*For additional information on supported devices, please visit www.kapre.com/company/system-requirements.

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