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Navigating Minefields: Preventing Real Estate Disaster Live Online Class (4-Credit Hours)

Navigating Minefields: Preventing Real Estate Disaster Class

Price: $39.00

Credit Hours: 4

Key Points:

No two transactions are the same; therefore, licensees need extensive knowledge to troubleshoot any circumstance encountered.

In this course, you’ll see how some of the most common issues are also the most time-consuming and carry the greatest risk for your client and yourself. You’ll have an opportunity for lively discussion as you are guided through the obstacles, dilemmas, and hurdles that you are likely to encounter in your real estate transactions. By identifying the potential minefields and possible remedies in various situations, you’ll be prepared to guide your clients to a smooth and memorable real estate experience.

Key Benefits

  • Discusses issues from the perspective of the buyer and the seller
  • Allows for ample discussion—you’ll get to hear interesting problems others have faced and how those issues were resolved, as well as share your experiences with others
  • Addresses topics that can only come from experience in dealing with people—the more you know about what other professionals have faced, the better prepared you can be when you’re in a similar situation

IMPORTANT: To receive CE credit for attending a live online class, the Colorado Real Estate Commission requires students to have their webcam on and be in view during the duration of the session.  Credit will be denied for students not following this rule. Kaplan also requires the use of Zoom for live online classes. You must have Zoom downloaded and installed on your computer/laptop, and you must have a Zoom account.