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Real Estate Finance Self-Study Course (45-Credit Hours)

California Real Estate Finance Self Study Course

Price: $93.00

Credit Hours: 45

Key Points:

Love makes the world go around, but money pays for the ride!

Over 70% of all real estate transactions are financed, and the days of “easy” money and loose qualifying standards are gone. What used to be a slam dunk is now often a quagmire of complexity. This course gives you the foundation to understanding the true nature and cycle of real estate finance, where the money comes from, and how your clients access it.

Speaking the language of finance can be half the battle. In this course you will not only learn the terms and instruments of finance, but also understand the basics of real estate finance programs such as FHA, VA, and non-conventional loans and their available options. Explore what role you, the mortgage originator, appraiser, and other interested parties play in your client’s finance dance through examples and engaging activities. 

You will learn how your client’s loan is processed, prepared for closing, and successfully closed. In addition, loan default and mortgage foreclosure are discussed. Don’t hesitate; enroll today, as no career in real estate is secure without a comprehensive understanding of real estate finance.  

Topics Include:

  • Nature and Cycle of California Real Estate Finance
  • Money and the Monetary System
  • Institutional Lenders for Real Estate Finance
  • Non-institutional Lenders
  • Conventional, Insured, and Guaranteed Loans
  • Financial Agencies and Lending Programs
  • Junior Loans in Real Estate Finance
  • Loan Terms and Note Payments
  • Instruments of Real Estate Finance
  • Real Estate Loan Underwriting
  • Processing Real Estate Loans
  • The Secondary Mortgage Market
  • Loan Defaults and Foreclosures
  • Investment Financing Strategies
  • Mathematics of Real Estate Finance