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Real Estate Escrow and Title Self-Study Course (45-Credit Hours)

California Real Estate Escrow and Title Self-Study Course

Price: $93.00

Credit Hours: 45

Key Points:

Protect yourself and your clients with a firm understanding of escrow and title.

Escrow opens when a buyer and seller sign a sales contract. Your ability to efficiently and effectively escort your clients through escrow and to the closing table will help you to stand out in the crowd. Not only will you close more properties, but you’ll also gain valuable word-of-mouth endorsements. This course is beneficial for all brokers and agents involved in closing, whether escrow is handled in-house or outside.

You’ll explore the theory and practice of escrows, covering the roles of real estate broker and escrow holder, nature of the escrow relationship, step-by-step outline of processing, regional variations, title documents, prorations, title insurance, automation, ethics, and specialized escrows.

Additionally, you will examine the title commitment as a “game plan” or a “roadmap” to a safe and secure transaction. We will explain the three essential parts of the commitment, how to explain it to the sellers and prepare for a closing with no surprises, and what it all means for your buyer’s long-term protection. The commitment is your buyer’s disclosure document—avoid accusations later by making sure your buyer is aware now.

Topics Include:

  • Property Rights
  • Transfer of Interests
  • Elements of Escrow
  • Title Insurance Basics
  • Title Insurance Policies
  • Contracts
  • Real Estate Practice
  • Opening Escrow
  • The Escrow Instructions
  • Regional Variations and Practices
  • Pre-Closing
  • Escrow Accounting
  • Lending and the Escrow Process
  • Protecting the Consumer
  • Apartments, Commercial Properties, and Exchanges
  • Specialty Escrow Transactions
  • Advanced Title Insurance Underwriting
  • Default, Foreclosure, and Title Insurer