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Become a Partner - California Real Estate Education

What Differentiates Your Brokerage?

How do you sell your brokerage to potential recruits? Is it enough to tell them about commission splits? Or, is is necessary to provide them with a plan to educate them and support them throughout their career? After all, you want to recruit and retain your recruits.

What if you could tell your recruits that you have partnered with one of the nation's leading real estate educators? What if that partnership offered your recruits and agents exclusive discounts on OnDemand video review, live classroom review, and text-book home study education?

As a Brightwood Broker Partner, you can do just that! You can offer your recruits and agents an education from a real estate as invested in their future as you are.

What Benefits Does a Brightwood Partnership Offer?

  • Three convenient educational delivery vehicles to help our recruits complete their licensing requirements on their terms
  • Weekly Interactive Study Groups for OnDemand review and home study students engaging distance learning licensing students with instructors and students
  • Exclusive discounts on all education for agents and recruits: Prelicensing, exam prep, first renewal, and continuing education
  • Customized marketing materials to help you promote your education program

Learn More!

A solid competitive advantage is yours as a Brightwood Broker Partner. Contact your Account Manager today to learn more about Brightwood's California Partnership Program, and claim your competitive advantage. Call 866.963.9301 or email REPartners@kaplan.com