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Alabama 9-Hour CE Electives Package - OnDemand

Alabama 9-Hour CE Electives Package - OnDemand

Price: $69.00

Credit Hours: 9

Key Points:

Complete your Alabama elective continuing education requirements with stunning OnDemand video courses!

These courses are delivered in our stunning OnDemand video lecture format. With Kaplan’s OnDemand video lectures, you have the ability to access professional instruction anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection! Filled with studio and “onsite” video learning objectives, OnDemand courses engage, enlighten, and entertain!

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Courses include:

Introduction to Real Estate Investments (6 Credit Hours, OnDemand)—Investors are discovering that tax, cash flow, principal reduction and appreciation benefits of single-and multi-family properties outweigh other investment opportunities, including the wildly vacillating stock market. This course can open the door for you to the lucrative investment real estate market. If you are unfamiliar with selling residential real estate as an investment, you’ll get a step-by-step understanding of the fundamentals you’ll need to get started.

How to Measure Real Property (3 Credit Hours, OnDemand)—Real estate licensees, appraisers, assessors, builders and contractors have specific methods used to measure and describe residential real property. In this engaging course, we’ll clarify the standards and pinpoint common mistakes made in measuring property. You’ll also learn the proper terminology and definitions that even the playing field between agents, appraisers and lenders who use this value-laden information for many of the decisions made concerning a property. Learn to talk the same talk while more accurately representing the home, as well as enhancing the value you bring to your client with this knowledge.