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Mastering Unique and Complex Property Appraisals (Elective) Classroom Course (20-Credit Hours)

Price: $499.00

Credit Hours: 20

Key Points:

This course raises the appraiser's level of awareness of the scope of work involved with assignments other than the everyday single-family residential appraisal.  From identifying what qualifies as a 'complex' assignment to the appraiser's ability to competently complete the assignment to understanding the non-traditional methods and techniques used throughout the appraisal process to develop a valuation, this course covers it all.  Property types such as, mixed-use, unusual, income-producing, and one-of-a-kind are used within several case studies to reinforce the teaching.

An HP12C calculator, or its equivalent, is recommended for this class.  Students should be familiar with and bring to class their own financial calculator.  Instructors will teach under the assumption that all students have the necessary knowledge to use their financial calculator.


  • Symptoms of a complex assignment
  • Appraising complex sites
  • Appraising complex residential property
  • Appraising historic property
  • Appraising mixed-use and small commercial property