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Level 3: Certified Residential Appraiser License Courses

CAPABILITIES: South Dakota Certified Residential Appraiser

When you earn your South Dakota Certified Residential Appraiser license, you will be permitted to appraise one- to four-unit residential properties without regard to value or complexity.

Kaplan Real Estate Education offers engaging live online classroom courses for the required education that have been approved for licensing in the state of South Dakota.

REQUIREMENTS: South Dakota Certified Residential Appraiser

In order to earn your Certified Residential Appraiser license in South Dakota, you must successfully pass an AQB-approved exam. To qualify to take the exam, you must complete 200 creditable class hours of education (this includes the 150 hours you completed to become a South Dakota Registered Appraiser and Licensed Appraiser).

You also must hold an associate’s degree or higher from an accredited college, junior college, community college, or university. In lieu of the degree, you may successfully pass all of the following collegiate subject matter courses from an accredited institution:

  • English composition class
  • Principles of economics class (Micro or Macro)
  • Finance class
  • Algebra, geometry, or higher mathematics class
  • Statistics class
  • Computer science class
  • Business or real estate law class 

Please note, the degree requirements are due to change in 2015. For more information, visit the AQB Changes page.

If you’ve completed the required education, but still need to pass the exam, check out our Appraisal Review Crammer class.

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