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Licensed Residential Real Property Appraiser Premium Package (75-Credit Hours)

Price: $1,449.00

Credit Hours: 75

Key Points:

Take the next step in your appraisal career!

To upgrade to become a Licensed Appraiser, you must complete an additional 75 hours of specified licensing education. You must also complete 2,000 hours of supervised appraisal experience during a minimum period of one year, and then pass the Licensed Appraiser exam. This package is approved by the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) to satisfy the entire education requirement to upgrade to a Licensed Appraiser.

This package includes the following required courses:

Residential Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use - Uncover strategies to a credible market analysis and highest and best use conclusion. The first day spotlights how to collect, analyze and draw conclusions from the market data. The second day focuses on the process of highest and best use; including how land use restrictions and economic considerations play a vital role in this analysis.

Residential Report Writing and Case Studies - Discover the most effective writing and reasoning skills essential to developing credible appraisal reports. From basic report-writing fundamentals to communicating opinions and conclusions this course covers it all. Learn the most common issues in appraisal reporting and understand what is necessary to be in compliance with USPAP. The URAR form is used throughout the course along with requirements of the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD).

Residential Site Valuation and Cost Approach - Residential site valuation and cost approach to value theories and methodology finally become clear. This course covers it all from basic concepts of land and value to data collection and analysis to deprecation to cost conclusions. In addition, methods of developing site value, calculating costs and depreciation and summarizing final conclusions are practiced.

Residential Sales Comparison & Income Approach - Advance your career by accepting those tough appraisal assignments and venturing into the investment appraisal market. In this course you’ll work through several case studies to gain working knowledge of advanced adjustment techniques, appraising properties with limited comparable sales, and appraising properties with stigma. In addition, learn how to be successful in the investment appraisal market by understanding how to gather, analyze, and interpret financial data using such tools as income capitalization, financial functions, and yield capitalization formulas.

Also included in this package is Kaplan’s proven Appraiser Review Crammer to prepare you for success on exam day! This exam prep course focuses on the topics and concepts appraisers need to know to pass their exam. It’s highly focused review, numerous study aids, and exam simulations prepare the appraiser for a successful examination experience. This review course is beneficial to appraisers preparing for either the Licensed Residential exam or the Certified Residential appraiser exam. Take advantage of this offer today!


  • Residential Market Analysis: Highest & Best Use (15 hours)
  • Residential Report Writing and Case Studies (15 hours)
  • Residential Site Valuation and Cost Approach (15 hours)
  • Residential Sales Comparison & Income Approach (30 hours)
  • Exam Prep: Appraisal Review Crammer (15 hours)
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