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Oregon Appraisal Licensing Courses

Are you preparing to launch your Oregon real estate appraisal career? With the U.S. real estate market primed for a comeback, now is the time to earn your appraisal license and start your career. Or maybe you are already an Oregon appraiser, and you’d like to upgrade to the next level of licensure. Brightwood Real Estate Education partners with Career WebSchool to offer all of the courses you need to qualify for and pass your Oregon Appraisal Licensing Exam. Our flexible online courses are written by expert appraisal authors and instructors, and our courses reflect the most current Oregon appraisal principles and practices. 

Your courses are offered by Brightwood College | Hammond, in partnership with Career WebSchools.

Prepare for Your Oregon Appraisal Exam

When you’re preparing for your Oregon Appraisal Licensing Exam, there’s no substitute for confidence. Get the confidence you need from Brightwood. We work with our partner, Career WebSchool, to give you the practice and preparation you need to go into your Oregon Appraisal Licensing Exam with confidence in your ability to pass.

Complete Your Oregon Appraisal Continuing Education

As an Oregon appraiser, you must meet specific continuing education annually to renew your license. If you are an Appraiser Assistant, and you remain at that level of licensure for more than 2 years, you must complete 14 hours of continuing education in the third and successive years, for each year during the period preceding the renewal. All other Oregon appraisers must complete 14 hours of continuing education each year, and renew their license every other year. Brightwood works with Career WebSchool to provide a complete library of Oregon’s continuing education class packages and individual courses. Meet Oregon’s education requirement, renew your appraisal license, and get the knowledge you need to grow in your career.