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North Dakota Apprentice Appraiser License Courses

Begin Your Appraisal Career in North Dakota

Kaplan Real Estate Education provides you with the education you need to start your career as an appraiser in North Dakota. We offer you engaging live online licensing courses, and they have all been approved for North Dakota licensing.

CAPABILITIES: North Dakota Apprentice Appraiser

As an Apprentice Appraiser, you will be allowed to perform appraisals under a supervising Certified Appraiser. You will be able to assist in appraising properties that your supervisor’s current credentials qualify him or her to appraise.

REQUIREMENTS: North Dakota Apprentice Appraiser

You are not required to have any previous appraisal experience to become an Apprentice Appraiser in North Dakota. However, you are required to complete 75 hours of education that has been approved in North Dakota. To learn more about how to meet the requirements to begin your career as an Apprentice Appraiser, visit the North Dakota Appraiser Education Requirements page.

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