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New Mexico Trainee Appraiser Courses

CAPABILITIES: New Mexico Trainee Appraiser

As a Trainee, you will be allowed to perform appraisals under a supervising Certified Appraiser. A holder of a trainee registration, but not a license or certificate, is authorized to prepare appraisals of all types of real estate or real property, provided such appraisals are not described or referred to as “state licensed” or “state certified” and provided further, the trainee appraiser does not assume or use any title, designation or abbreviation likely to create the impression that he/she is a state-licensed or state-certified real estate appraisers

REQUIREMENTS: New Mexico Trainee Appraiser

You are not required to have any experience in appraisal to become a Trainee Appraiser. However, you are required to complete 75 board-approved creditable class hours of qualifying education and passa written examination on the New Mexico Real Estate Appraisers Act. You will be required to operate under the direct supervision of a Certified Appraiser in good standing. If you’d like more information, view the New Mexico State Appraisal Licensing Requirements page.

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Each of the individual courses listed below MUST be scheduled in order. The courses are designed to be taken in sequence.

Course 1 – Basic Appraisal Principles 

Course 2 – Basic Appraisal Procedures 

Course 3 – USPAP