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New Mexico Certified Residential Appraiser License Courses

CAPABILITIES: New Mexico Certified Residential Appraiser

As a New Mexico Certified Residential Appraiser, you will be allowed to appraise residential properties of one to four units, regardless of complexity or value.

REQUIREMENTS: New Mexico Certified Residential Appraiser

If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Residential Appraiser, you have to complete 200 hours of credited class hours (which includes the 150 hours you’ve already completed to become a New Mexico Licensed Appraiser). This education will qualify you to sit for the AQB-approved Certified Residential Appraiser Exam. You must also complete an additional 500 hours of work experience under the direction of a supervisor to qualify for Level 3 licensure. When you successfully complete the exam, you will become licensed. Your courses are offered by Brightwood College | San Antonio (Ingram)

There is also a degree requirement for the Certified Residential Appraiser level of licensure. You must possess an associate’s degree or higher from an accredited college, junior college, community college, or university. If you don’t possess the degree, you may successfully pass a number of collegiate subject matter courses from an accredited institution. The courses include:

  • English composition class
  • Principles of economics course (Micro or Macro)
  • Finance class
  • Algebra, geometry, or higher mathematics course
  • Statistics class
  • Computer science course
  • Business or real estate law class 

The above degree requirements changed in 2015. View the AQB Changes page for more information.

Have you already completed the required education? If you still need to pass the exam, check out our Appraisal Review Crammer class.

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