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Minnesota Supervisor/Trainee Appraiser Course (6-Credit Hours)

Price: $89.00

Credit Hours: 6

Appropriately preparing trainee appraisers is imperative for ensuring the integrity and quality of the industry is upheld.

Learn more about the new requirements by reading the article, 2015 Supervisor and Trainee Requirement Changes

The recent rebound of the real estate market has been a welcome sight for the appraisal profession. It is the crucial responsibility of supervisory appraisers to train, develop, and mentor these new professionals. This mentor relationship will produce competent, ethical appraisers to enhance public trust. The 2015 AQB Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria requires that both supervisory and trainee appraisers be educated regarding the expectations for these roles.

This course meets the national, AQB-required content and outline for supervisory and trainee appraisers. Minnesota has adopted criteria that exceed the minimum AQB requirements, and this course addresses the specific criteria that have been adopted by Minnesota with regard to supervisory appraisers and trainee appraisers. Discussions revolve around the requirements, expectations, and responsibilities of both types of appraisers in order for trainees to gain experience credit. A short history of the profession is followed by the structure of the entities that oversee appraisers, including The Appraisal Foundation, The Appraisal Subcommittee, and state regulatory bodies.

Students will understand the requirements for licensing levels and the use of trainees for Fannie Mae, FHA, and lender assignments. Also addressed are the USPAP requirements that apply to assignments involving more than one appraiser.

This course has been approved by the Minnesota Commissioner of Commerce for 6 hours of appraisal licensing education.

Topics Include:

  • The AQB and its role in the profession
  • 2015 AQB Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria
  • Minnesota-specific trainee license requirements
  • Minnesota-specific supervisory appraiser requirements
  • Minnesota-specific requirements that exceed AQB minimums
  • Trainee and supervisory appraiser expectations
  • Significant assistance—what it is and how to report it

This course is intended for pre-licensing credit. If you are enrolling for continuing education instead, visit our CE page.