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Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Licensing Courses

Minnesota Appraisal Licensing Education

Start Your Minnesota Appraisal Career: Trainee Real Property Appraiser

If you’re interested in beginning your career as a Minnesota real estate appraiser, your first step is to complete a series of Trainee Real Property Appraiser courses from a state-approved education provider. Kaplan has the individual courses and complete package solutions you need to meet Minnesota’s education requirement and prepare for success on exam day. Once you complete the classes and pass the exam, you will be licensed as a Trainee Real Property Appraiser. Essentially, this means you will be permitted to perform appraisals under the watch of a supervising Certified Appraiser. In order to upgrade to Level 2 and remove your trainee status, you will need to complete 2,000 hours of appraisal work under your supervisor in no fewer than 12 months. The goal of this trainee period is to give you real-world experience in appraisal, while you have the resources of an appraisal mentor at your disposal to answer questions and provide support. 

When you have completed the required hours of supervision, you are ready to upgrade your license to the level of Licensed Residential Real Property Appraiser.

Learn more about the Steps to Minnesota Appraiser Licensing.

Upgrade Your Minnesota Appraisal License: Licensed Residential Real Property Appraiser

Take the next step in your appraisal career by upgrading to the next level of Minnesota appraisal licensure: Licensed Residential Real Property Appraiser.  Kaplan Real Estate Education offers course packages and individual classes tailored to meet the education requirements, and prepare you to begin performing appraisals unsupervised. For each level of licensure, we’ve detailed the Steps to Licensing, for your convenience.

If you have your currently a Licensed Residential Real Property Appraiser and would like to advance your career, upgrade to the Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser Level.

Upgrade Your Minnesota Appraisal License: Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser

Upgrading your license to the Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser level will allow you to appraise residential properties regardless of value. Choose from complete education packages, or individual courses to meet your education requirement. Expand your knowledge base and opportunities, and literally take your career to a whole new level by upgrading your Minnesota appraisal license with Kaplan's classes.


Use your GI Bill© education benefits at Kaplan Real Estate Education in Minnesota!

Veterans eligible for education benefits under Chapter 31 or Chapter 33 are entitled to receive benefits covering up to 100% of their tuition on approved Minnesota licensing courses at Kaplan Real Estate Education. Veterans will be able to attend class while waiting for the VA to make tuition payments provided the student submits their certificate of eligibility to Kaplan no later than the first day of class.

Students will be required to pay for the difference between the total amount of tuition and the amount of the VA education benefit disbursement.