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Delaware Real Estate Appraisal Licensing Courses - Powered by Kaplan

DE Real Estate Appraisal Licensing Classes

Earn or Upgrade Your Delaware Appraisal License

If you’re starting your Delaware appraisal career, you first need to pass the required Trainee Appraiser courses from a state-approved school. In partnership with Career WebSchool, Brightwood College offers the online licensing course packages that meet Delaware’s education requirements and give you the knowledge you need to start your career as a Trainee Appraiser. Choose the option that works best for you—save money and enroll in a complete course package or enroll in each course individually. As a Delaware Trainee Appraiser, your license will allow you to appraise properties under the supervision of a Certified Appraiser.

Looking to upgrade your Delaware appraisal license? Once you have satisfied the state’s qualification requirements for your desired level of licensure, you will be able to enroll in the required upgrade education. Meet the state’s education requirement and pass each level of licensure exams with Brightwood College, powered by Kaplan Appraisal Education.

Your courses are offered by Brightwood College | Hammondin partnership with Career WebSchool.

The qualification requirements for appraisal licensing will be changing in 2015. Find out more at our AQB Changes page.